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What Are the 08 Most Popular Games?

Whether you’re a gaming scoopkeeda enthusiast or just someone who enjoys watching others play video games, you might be wondering what the 10 most popular games are. Whether you’re looking for new games to play or want to learn more about some of the popular ones, you’ll find some great information here.


PUBG is one of the most popular games in the world. It’s a battle royal game, which is like Fortnight but has vehicles and other realistic elements. Players must use their scouting abilities to locate weapons and armor and take their opponents down in a battle royale.

PUBG was first released on PCs in March 2017 as a Steam Early Access title. It has since transitioned to a free-to-play mobile version for iOS and Android devices. The game has been nominated for the Best Mobile Game award at the 2018 Game Awards biooverview.


Developed by Morang Studios, Minecraft is a sandbox game  that is available on many platforms. It is a creative and imaginative game that lets you build, explore, and create. It has a large following of dedicated fans and is one of the top-selling PC games of all time.

Minecraft has sold more than 176 million copies across multiple platforms. It is also one of the most popular video games of all time. The game is based on a creative sandbox, which means that players are free to build anything they want.


Originally released in March 2016, Fortnight is one of the most popular games in the world. It is a free-to-play multiplayer game that features a battle royale game mode and allows players to create their own buildings. It is available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

The game has been played by more than 350 million people. Despite its success, the game has some issues. The game has some disturbing content, including violence. Children playing the game may be exposed to inappropriate language and bullying.

League of Legends

Until a few years ago, League of Legends was a game that had a few hundred thousand players. But over the past 10 years, the game has grown to be one of the most popular games in the world. Now, the game has over 150 million players.

League of Legends is an online multiplayer battle arena. It features many different types of maps and champions. You can play solo or in a team. Each team has five players. Teams compete to dominate the other team and win the match.


Developed by Slocan, a part of the Kepler Interactive family of developers, Siu is a new 3D brawler that takes elements from many combat systems and puts them into play. Its fighting mechanics are more Street Fighter than Absolver, but it does a good job of punishing cheese attempts and encouraging players to be smarter.

Siu’s combat requires situational awareness, precision, and expert use of blocks and counters. Each time you kill an enemy, you get experience points. These can be used to unlock skills that you can use on future levels. You can also redeem your XP at bonus shrines.

Ghost wire: Tokyo

Developed by Tango Game works, Ghost wire: Tokyo takes a different approach to game design, mixing elements of action and exploration. The game’s setting is a recreation of the bustling Shibuya district of Tokyo.

The game features an open-world design, allowing players to explore the city at their leisure. There are also a number of side missions that can be accessed. These missions generally feature a different target, and can involve exploring cursed locations, such as a shrine. These missions may come with some challenges, and if you purify the shrines enough, you may unlock new gameplay features.

Grand Theft Auto V

Despite being released over five years ago, Grand Theft Auto V is still one of the best games of its time. Its storyline is clever and engrossing, and its world is full of gang violence and drug abuse.

Its storyline revolves around three protagonists. Each one has a unique backstory, and their stories are all tied together in a satisfying way.

The game’s story is set in a large, open world, with many places to explore. You will meet many people and take part in numerous activities. You can also take part in online multiplayer modes.

Mario Kart Wii

Whether you are a fan of the Mario Kart series or are just looking for a game that’s a little more advanced than your average racing game, Mario Kart Wii is an excellent choice. This game features online play, up to 12 players on each course, a friends system, and the ability to create private races. It’s also the best Mario Kart game to date.

Mario Kart Wii takes advantage of the Wii Remote’s motion-sensing capabilities. Players can tilt the Wii Remote to steer their kart. In addition, the game features a unique plastic wheel, which can be used to change direction.


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