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The Binance App Review

The Binance app allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in real-time. The app comes with a variety of trading interfaces, but it recommends that beginners use the convert feature. It breaks the process down with a simple interface, asking you to enter the currency you want to buy, the amount, and the coin or fiat you’d like to exchange for. Once the trade is executed, the app will deduct the trading fees from the total value.

Users can also add their favorite trading pairs to the widget page, which allows them to keep track of price movements in real time without opening the App. The whitelist address function is a valuable feature, as it only allows withdrawals to specified wallet addresses, which keeps hackers out of your account. Another useful feature is referral links, which will earn you daily referral fees. When you refer others, you’ll get paid every time they trade through your referral link howitstart.

To buy or sell crypto, users can use the P2P method. P2P trading allows users to sell their crypto for another person’s coin. To buy or sell crypto, users must transfer the coins to a P2P wallet and select a method of payment. A P2P transaction will show pending payment and confirmed receipt. The buyer or seller must confirm that they’ve completed the transaction before their payment goes through. A few additional features include a free withdrawal feature for some superstep.

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