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Open Culture also aims to encourage collaboration and free knowledge sharing

Open Culture is an online resource for people who want to learn about cultures, history, languages, and more. It collects resources from a wide variety of sources and organizes them into categories. It also contains links to online courses and other educational resources. Open Culture also provides information on K-12 topics. Many of these resources are free and can be downloaded for personal use.

Open Culture also aims to encourage collaboration and free knowledge sharing. Its guiding principles are free exchange of ideas and works of art, and no restrictions on intellectual property. Creative works that are available to the public are available for remixing, reposting, and distribution, and artists can freely share these creations. There are several benefits to collaborating with others in the open culture movement.

Open Culture has links to more than one thousand movies, including some Andrei Tarkovsky films. While the site is democratic in its approach, it does have some content that would not be appropriate for the general public. For example, its article on the Ninja Death Trilogy (which was originally a single four-hour film) is a bonkers kung fu epic. Most listings date these films to the 1980s, a golden age for ninja-inspired cinema.

Open Culture is also a great resource for those who are interested in culture and learning. OpenCulture’s free and open courses cover topics from education to design and history to calligraphy. The site also has a subscription form, which allows people to receive free, relevant information.

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