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Iflix offers over 400 channels of movies and TV shows

Iflix is a video on demand service that is based in Malaysia. It targets emerging markets. Its global headquarters is located in Kuala Lumpur. While Iflix is headquartered in Malaysia, the company has global operations across many countries. It offers over 400 channels of movies and TV shows. The service is free to use and offers an ad-free experience.

Iflix’s content database is constantly updated, ensuring that users will always have fresh and exciting shows to watch. The service is also accessible on mobile devices, which makes it easy for users to watch TV shows on the go. You can watch the movies and shows on your phone, tablet, or television. Iflix is available in many languages.

Iflix is cheaper than Netflix, costing only $2 to $3 per month. It has gone live in 10 countries and plans to expand to more. The company is being backed by Grove, who owns dozens of internet companies, including Netflix. The company has a stake in Iflix. The service is based in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Iflix has raised more than $200 million since its launch in 2015. It plans to add more features to its service, such as interactive features, and to create original content. By the end of this year, Iflix hopes to be available in 30 markets.

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